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From panel to flush, from external to internal, from plastic to timber, from French to Dutch, from hinged to bi-fold, from single to double – doors come in an endless variety of designs, sizes, and building materials. Depending on the available space, the interior design of your house, and your preference, you can select whichever products you want – unless you live in a listed building or conservation area. In this case, you will have to comply with a number of regulations and most likely need to order bespoke doors. London is a historic city, peppered with period buildings dating back to the 19th, 18th, and even 17th centuries. Their owners are legally required to obtain a permission from local authorities before making any alterations, including window or door replacements.

However, it’s not only the residents of conservation areas that commission bespoke doors. If you have unusually large or small door openings, or want unique external doors that will catch the eye of all passers-by, bespoke doors are an excellent choice for you. Importantly, bespoke external doors should differ from internal ones with regard to acoustic and thermal properties. Internal doors also don’t have to be as secure as external ones. That’s why, while ordering doors of any kind, it’s crucial to consider the function that each of them will serve. Bespoke doors are much easier to adjust, since they are made to measure to cater to each customer’s individual needs. Therefore, living in a period building is truly not the only reason for choosing bespoke doors. What are their key advantages?

Advantages of bespoke doors

In the UK, the demand for bespoke doors is on the rise. More and more people are in the market for custom-made joinery. Although many wooden door and window manufacturers left the business in the 1970s and 1980s, when uPVC products dominated the market, today timber products regained popularity. First of all, wooden doors are environment-friendly. Unlike other building materials, such as plastic, steel, or fibreglass, wood is natural. It is obtained from sustainable sources and has, therefore, much less impact on the environment. Although bespoke wooden doors can be more costly than the mass-produced ones, they’re certainly worth their price. Aside from being eco-friendly, they have a number of other assets. What are they?



Since bespoke doors, both internal and external, are made to measure, it goes without saying that they perfectly fit the door opening. As a result, not only do they look better than ill-fitting mass-produced doors, but they are also more airtight. This, in turn, leads to higher energy efficiency and eventually translates into lower heating bills. If you want to save more on energy, consider ordering bespoke external doors. They will prevent the heat from escaping in the winter and keep the interior of your house refreshingly cool in the summer. Bespoke wooden doors will be the wisest choice, as wood has excellent thermal properties. To better block the sounds inside the building, you can also opt for bespoke internal doors produced from high-quality timber.

Perfect for conservation areas

If you live in a conservation area and have to replace your current doors, you might not have other choices than to order bespoke wooden doors. London has almost 30 protected areas. Their aim is to preserve period buildings and open spaces of high historic value. Conservation areas are designated and monitored by local authorities. To make an alteration to your house located in such a place, you are required to obtain a permit from the planning department. In many conservation areas, you can only change windows or doors if the new ones are faithful copies of the originals and match the architectural style of the property.

Bespoke doors provided by Sash Factory are a combination of beautiful design and functionality. With our doors, you can comply with all regulations and at the same time enjoy the benefits of top-quality wooden doors, such as increased energy efficiency, noise reduction and durability. If properly and regularly maintained, bespoke wooden doors can have a lifespan of as many as five or six decades, while uPVC doors last around 35 years in favourable weather conditions. Timber is also a better choice when it comes to bespoke internal doors. London is a loud, vibrant city, so if you want to reduce the outside noise, select both external and internal wooden doors. This way you will finally be able to focus on your daily tasks, relax, and fall sound asleep at night.


Apart from great acoustic and thermal properties, bespoke wooden doors also have another advantage: they are extremely visually appealing. If you are not impressed with all the insipid store-bought doors, you’ll most probably fall head over heels with our bespoke external doors. London is sprinkled with such wooden gems, you can see them anywhere you go in the UK capital. Why should your front door be any less unique? At Sash Factory, you can order bespoke internal as well as external doors that will reflect your impeccable taste and inspire awe among your neighbours and passers-by. Our products are fully customisable: you choose the size, style, design, timber type and colour, and we provide you with the finished product.

Bespoke double-glazed doors

Many of our customers order bespoke external doors with a glazed area. French, sliding or panel doors with glass panes are the height of fashion in many European cities. However, some people worry that external glazed doors are not secure enough to keep out potential intruders. Luckily, thanks to double glazing, you can combine safety with stylish design – and more! Bespoke double-glazed doors, fitted with high-quality anti-burglary locks, will not only protect you, but will also help lower your heating bills, as they are very energy-efficient. Double glazing also reduces noise to a much greater extent than the standard glazing. Therefore, if you’ve always dreamed of bespoke doors with elegant glass panes, you can now order them without fear!

Bespoke wardrobe doors

Internal and external building doors are not the only ones we have to offer. We can also provide you with premium bespoke sliding wardrobe doors. If you need smoothly working wardrobe doors, consider ordering them from an experienced joiner who will have them custom-made just for you, instead of purchasing mass-produced doors that can turn out not to fit your wardrobe. Regardless of the size and shape of your wardrobe, our experienced staff will manage to provide you with bespoke sliding wardrobe doors. London is where our company is based. Here, we have successfully carried out numerous projects, gaining the necessary experience to better serve our customers. If you live in the UK capital and need solid bespoke wardrobe doors, Sash Factory is the place for you.

Sash Factory – bespoke wooden doors just for you

Our staff is dedicated to satisfying your needs. To do that, we will gladly guide you through the entire process of choosing the right external or internal bespoke doors. We can help you make the decision by answering all your questions and resolving any doubts. Our product range is very wide and includes both bespoke windows and doors. Whether you need front doors, a set of windows, or bespoke wardrobe doors, London is where you’ll find us. We can provide you with premium-quality joinery produced from different wood types. To find out more about the services we offer, please contact us, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

The cost of each product is calculated based on the level of complexity, chosen wood type, and a number of other factors. You can request an individual quote by reaching out to us. To do that, please telephone us at 07947 356380 or 07958 734495, or send an e-mail at Do not hesitate to express any doubts or concerns – we are here to walk you through every step of the way to finding the perfect product. The lead time for our projects can be between six and twenty weeks, depending on their complexity. We are among the best bespoke doors providers in London, so reach out to us and place your order today!