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Every building has at least one external door, although in most cases there are two or three of them – and often even more. Obviously, external doors allow us to enter a property, but it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s not the only function they serve. They are barriers between the interior of your house and the outside world, which is why they need to be of extremely solid construction, and difficult to break down. External doors should also be energy-efficient and soundproof. Apart from that, it would do no harm if at the same time their design would be visually appealing and matched the architectural style of the rest of the building.

Although whenever external doors are mentioned, typically it’s front doors that first come to mind, there are, actually, more external door types. External back doors as well as garage, patio, or balcony doors are all integral parts of many buildings. Just like front doors, they protect you from the noise, extreme temperatures, and potential intruders. That’s why, before purchasing external doors of any kind, you should ensure they have all the mentioned features – and carefully consider which door type will be the most suitable for each door opening. You can choose between hinged, folding, stacking, or sliding external doors. Hinged and sliding doors are the most commonly installed ones – but which would be better for your building?

Hinged or sliding external doors – which are better?

Sliding doors definitely have a number of advantages: they let in plenty of natural light and don’t block the view. They also provide quick access to the garden, balcony, or terrace, depending on where you install them. At the same time, unlike hinged French doors, which have similar assets, they don’t swing in- or outwards, meaning you’ll need much less space to operate them. After all, all you need is to slide them to the side. On the other hand, because of large glass panes, sliding doors are more time-consuming when it comes to cleaning – especially when used as external doors. Even if you don’t have children or pets, you’ll quickly notice dirt, grease, and water stains on the surface – and if you do, it will likely be a truly laborious task to keep sliding external doors clean.

Hinged external doors are low-maintenance. They definitely don’t need to be cleaned as frequently as sliding doors. External doors that open on hinges are also cheaper to install, and, in many cases, simply less expensive. They come in a larger variety of designs, colours, and sizes. In general, they are much more customisable. Moreover, the range of available locking systems, including special anti-burglary locks, is greater for this door type. When it comes to disadvantages, hinged doors take up more space and can pose a safety hazard if they’re left ajar and a draught happens to blow. Due to the lack of glazing in the majority of the models, hinged doors are often less aesthetic than sliding doors. This is not always the case, however, since wooden external doors can be very elegant.

Advantages of wooden external doors

Even though external wooden doors require ongoing maintenance and may not be ideal for areas with high humidity, they have a number of assets that easily outweigh these disadvantages. If you want doors that will be extremely elegant and at the same time solid, opt for wooden external doors. London is home to multiple manufacturers that specialise in timber products. Whether you are looking for hinged or sliding external doors, London’s high-class joiners are the ones to turn to. At Sash Factory, you can purchase bespoke timber windows and doors customised to your individual needs and preferences. What are the other most substantial benefits of fitting your house with wooden external doors?

Excellent acoustic properties

Installing sturdy, well-made external wooden doors is one of the most effective means of soundproofing your house. Along with noise-reduction, timber-frame windows, they can block a significant amount of outside noise, which is a key advantage for external doors. London is not a quiet city – on the contrary, some of its residents are daily exposed to the average noise level reaching 85–86 dB, which is about 30–35 dB more than recommended by the WHO. Moreover, noise pollution poses a serious danger, as it can cause various health problems, including acute stress, high blood pressure, sleep disturbances, or even hearing loss. That’s why it’s crucial to select good-quality external wooden doors.

Energy efficiency

Not only do wooden external doors reduce the noise level inside the house, but they also keep hot or cold air outside, depending on the season. Timber doors are very energy-efficient, since wood is a natural insulator. Hardwood doors have especially high levels of energy efficiency. That’s why if you choose wooden external doors, this decision will translate into lower heating bills, and a more pleasant temperature inside your house. If you’re bothered by the intense heat in the summer, or tired of getting freezing cold during the winter months, replace your old external doors with our premium-quality timber products.

Heightened security

External timber doors are also better than uPVC ones in that, thanks to their solid construction and the material itself, they are harder to break down. This means that they are more secure and aimed at effectively protecting you from any potential intruders. To have solid external back doors in London, where over 50 thousand burglary offences happen every year, is definitely a wise choice. In fact, all external doors, including patio or garage doors, should have as good security properties as possible to prevent you from getting robbed of valuable possessions. Every year, around £180 million is stolen from London homes, so it’s worth picking external wooden doors. London may not have the highest crime rate in the UK, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


What affects the durability of a door? Its size, style, and, most importantly, building material. The most enduring ones obviously have higher prices, but you should bear in mind that purchasing sturdy, durable external doors is a worthwhile – and lasting – investment. How long external wooden doors last depends on the timber type, but on average, regularly and well maintained wooden doors can have a lifespan of 60 years. If properly cared for, timber can even increase in durability as time flies. That’s why wood will be an excellent choice for your external back doors. London is not cheap to live in, which is why some people are attracted by low product prices. Remember, though, that if you opt for timber external doors, there is a strong chance you won’t have to replace them for decades.

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