Timber Windows

Thanks to its natural beauty and unique characteristics, such as outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation and high resistance to temperature differences, high-quality timber is an excellent material to use in window construction.

Premium wooden windows supplied by Sash Factory are the perfect combination of attractive design and functionality. Our bespoke timber-frame windows can come in many sizes, forms, and shapes.

With our help, you can purchase the product that will best satisfy your needs.

We offer a variety of window types, all fitted with solid timber frames. These bespoke wooden gems reflect the top quality of our service and customer satisfaction.


Elegant timber-frame windows – explore our product range

At Sash Factory, we cater to our customers’ needs with premium-quality bespoke timber windows. You can choose from a couple of different types: sash, casement, and tilt and turn windows. What’s more, Sash Factory can provide frames made of pine, oak, spruce, larch, or meranti wood.

Whichever product you decide on, two things are certain.

Number one: every single window or door is bespoke, made to measure in our factory. During our unique design process, we carry out two rigorous on-site surveys of each product.

Number two: we go to great lengths to ensure that any bespoke window we design is exactly right for the customer who ordered it. To be sure of what you want, however, you first need to explore the product range.

Sash windows

In contrast with other popular window types, sash windows do not open on a hinge. Instead, they are composed of two sashes, which can be slid up and down – and in some cases, from side to side.

They were commonly installed in buildings put up in the Gregorian, Victorian and Edwardian eras, between the 18th and 20th centuries, which is why you can still spot them rather frequently.

The characteristic glazing, with panes divided into smaller parts by thin muntin bars, certainly has a certain charm to it – especially in the case of timber windows. London is a great example of a city where both modern and period wooden sash windows are the height of fashion.

Apart from their traditional charm, sash windows have a number of other advantages. Thanks to the way they are constructed, they facilitate ventilation, which will make it easier for you to keep the interior of your house cooler during a hot summer.

Do not worry, though – it does not mean that it is going to be harder to heat the rooms in the winter. With the airtight, energy-efficient windows from Sash Factory, you’ll have nothing to fear! If you opt for double-hung sash windows, you will be able to move both sashes and control the airflow even more effectively. Interestingly, modern sash windows can also be tilted so that you’ll be able to clean them effortlessly.

Casement windows

These type of windows, popular in the majority of European countries, comprises one or more sashes that can be swung open, much like a door. They come in a variety of sizes, colours, and materials. Although it is still more common to produce them from uPVC, bespoke timber windows are quickly gaining popularity.

Wood is more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient than plastic, and, if properly and regularly maintained, it stays in great shape for as long as twenty years. Casement windows will be a great choice for you if you are searching for something slightly more contemporary-looking than a traditional sash window – and if you opt for a timber frame, the windows will be both practical and elegant.

Casement windows have a long list of assets, including increased airtightness, optimum energy efficiency, top security, and unobstructed views.

Thanks to the cleverly designed locking system, timber-frame windows of this type will protect you from energy waste as well as any intruders who might want to break into your house. In some cases, they could also serve as additional points of egress in case of a fire.

Just as any other wooden windows, they are also solid, eco-friendly, and highly durable. Unlike sash windows, however, they will enable you to fully enjoy a beautiful view – whether you want to install the timber-frame windows in a London penthouse or a small house in the suburbs.

Tilt and turn windows

Similar to casement windows, tilt and turn windows open on hinges in a door-like manner. The difference lies in the way the single sash can also be tilted inwards, allowing the air to flow through the opening in the upper part. At any given moment, you can pick whether you want your window wide opened or just tilted, and there is no need to adjust it in any special way.

With just one turn of the handle, you can easily switch from one option to the other. No wonder so many people choose these bespoke timber windows: London, Paris, Vienna – entire Europe fell head over heels with tilting and turning.

Apart from their increased functionality, timber tilt and turn windows produced by Sash Factory have a number of other advantages. They are extremely easy to clean and maintain, which is crucial when it comes to wooden frames. Much as casement windows, they are also great thermal insulants – especially if you decide on timber double-glazed windows.

Thanks to the tilt mode, this window type is also a great choice for smaller rooms with not enough space for large, inward-swinging sashes. Importantly, it is also a safer alternative for other window types if you are raising a child. You can tilt the window open and let the air in without constantly worrying that the child might fall out.

Bespoke timber windows for conservation areas

In the entire United Kingdom, there are approximately 10,000 conservation areas – places protected by multiple regulations to prevent a reduction in their high historic value.

Buildings and open spaces located in these areas are considered worth preserving in their initial form and, therefore, cannot be altered without consent. Any changes must fall in line with the original architectural style. That’s one of the reasons why so many people commission bespoke timber windows.

London alone has as many as 27 conservation areas. If your house is located in one of them, window or door replacement can pose a certain problem. Fortunately, Sash Factory offers bespoke timber windows of different types – you will be able to order a product that will fully satisfy your needs and match the style of your building.

Soundproof windows

Noise reduction windows are a perfect fit for anyone living in the heart of a big city. Although owning a house near the city centre has many benefits, it does also come with some drawbacks, including constant noise.

If you want to finally treat yourself to a night of sound sleep, replace your old windows with timber, double-glazed windows produced by Sash Factory. Not only do they have excellent acoustic properties, which will allow you to rest or work from home without constant irritation, but they are also great thermal insulants.

Keep the noise and cold air outside with our bespoke timber soundproof windows. Wooden frames increase the durability of a window, are more environmentally friendly, and, thanks to high energy efficiency, help with lowering energy bills.

Pricing and project implementation

At Sash Factory, we are a team of qualified professionals with the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect bespoke timber windows.

Direct and helpful, our staff will provide you with answers to any questions which may arise along the way. Having successfully planned and carried out numerous projects over the years, we gained much experience in window production and instalment, as evidenced by our certification and collaboration with reputable partner companies.

All of our products are bespoke, premium-quality windows and doors. To request an individual quote, please reach out to us. The lead time for our bespoke timber windows is between 6 and 20 weeks, depending on the degree of complexity.


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